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A Foreign Affair Weekly Webcast Archive

The most recently recorded episodes are found at the top of the list. A majority of the our live shows are approximately one hour in duration, so get some snacks, sit back and ENJOY! Due to unfortunate circumstances - various episodes will not be listed in our archive.

Reviewing Recent Ukrainian Tour Testimonials and Footage

Join Joe and Dina as they review testimonials and social footage from our September tour to Ukraine.

What Steps Are You Taking To Prepare For Dating with International Women?

Listen as Anna and Dina explain proactive steps each may should consider making when dating international women outside of their own culture.

Group Tour VS Individual - Understand the Advantages

While men have found success via both methods, the importance of understanding the differences and advantages to each method continues to ensure the future success of men who are thinking about taking either of these tours.

What To Expect at International Dating Events

Most men cannot begin to fathom the excitement that awaits when taking an international dating singles tour abroad.

3 Critical Actions That Get 2nd Dates with Foreign Women

International dating expert Bud Patterson identifies the 3 critical actions that get men 2nd dates with the foreign women they're pursuing.

Signs She's Not Into You

Often men are in the dark regarding how to tell if a woman finds them attractive and would like to escalate a relationship with them.

Differences Between Foreign Women

While there are many common traits between all foreign women, usually what a Western man would consider traditional, foreign women also have differences that may influence a man's decision when looking for a bride.

Why Ukrainian Women Choose Foreign Men

There are several stereotypes regarding a Ukrainian woman's choice to date a foreigner rather than a man from Ukraine, most of which are untrue.

Avoiding The Traps of a Digital Romance

Common in all forms of online dating, often singles will be come enamored by profiles, digital correspondence and the built up expectations that these elements can create.

How To Build a Relationship Traveling Overseas

Since 1995, A Foreign Affair continues to be the foremost leader in international dating and travel excursions.

Two Words Determine International Dating Success

Bud Patterson delivers a stirring presentation on the Two Words that determine international dating success, Paradigm Shift.

Simple Steps To Living A Blessed Lifestyle

International dating expert Bud Patterson covers simple steps men can take action on in their own lives to achieve a blessed lifestyle.

Preparing To Travel For International Matchmaking with Joe Gregory

Several times each year, Joe Gregory leads groups of men on singles tours to cities throughout Ukraine.

Inside International Matchmaking with Joe Gregory

As a frequent tour leader to Ukraine, Joe Gregory has become an expert on international matchmaking and romance abroad

Tuesday Night Webcast - International Dating Open Forum

A Foreign Affair CEO John Adams fields the questions of men from around the world who are interested in meeting foreign women through international matchmaking.

Screening Foreign Women Attending International Dating Events

The foreign women who attend international dating events go through a variety of screening measures before being granted access.

Maintaining Long Distance Relationships With Foreign Women

Most men that court foreign women via the internet will likely find themselves engaged in a long distance relationship.

Understanding The International Matchmaking Process

Greg fields a variety of questions concerning Philippines travel, specifically extended stays in the country.

Philippine Monthly Webcast: Philippines Travel Advice For Planning Extended Stays

Greg fields a variety of questions concerning Philippines travel, specifically extended stays in the country.

Why Foreign Women Attend International Matchmaking Socials

Understanding why foreign ladies will choose to attend or not attend these matchmaking events requires men to consider their circumstances and culture.

American Meets Asian Wife Through International Dating Site

An American man from Arziona met his Asian wife through letter writing on our international dating site.

Meeting purely through the letter writing services provided, Richard took the leap and traveled to China, where his future wife Liju eagerly waited.

Ukrainian Women Dating Foreign Men at Kiev Social Event

Bud Patterson previews recent tour footage from our Kiev social event, that saw hundreds of Ukrainian women dating foreign men they met through our agency.

Outnumbering their male counterparts in staggering numbers, women from Kiev often find themselves single well into their 30's and even 40's.

Sheng Nu : Chinese Leftover Women Seek International Matchmaking

Each year countless foreign men travel to China in search of love and companionship. Aware of the circumstances that Chinese leftover women endure, these foreign men avail themselves to the opportunity to find the love they're also lacking.

Benefits of Meeting Foreign Women with International Matchmakers

Backed by nearly 2 decades of assisting men and women in the creation of lasting loving relationships, Bud explains the do's and don't's of international matchmaking.

Limiting Beliefs That Prevent Us From Finding Love and Happiness

In addition to providing the common consequences of limiting belief, Bud also instructs viewers on ways to minimize the negative impact of these thoughts and how to begin benefiting from a positive outlook on life and love.

3 Lies Ukrainian Women Writing Foreign Men May Tell and Why

There are 3 main areas that during correspondence that a Ukrainian woman may be less than honest about.

All 3 correspond to having a lack of free time, an insecurity about the actual seriousness of a man's intentions, and also a concern for personal safety regarding strangers having access to these 3 areas of their life.

Expand Your World with International Matchmakers Abroad

Noted international dating expert and published author, Bud Patterson fields questions from men like you who are interested in meeting foreign women through international matchmakers for courtship that leads to lasting love.

5 Philippine Women Answer Questions from Cebu City Philippines

Known for their immense beauty and devotion to family, Philippine women active in international dating seek the affection of foreign men, that they cannot receive in the Philippines.

10 Limiting Beliefs Preventing International Dating Success

International dating pioneer and A Foreign Affair founder, John Adams provides a list of the 10 most common limiting beliefs that he sees hold men back from meeting their wives abroad.

Ukrainian Women Offer Unique Ideas for International Dating

Ukrainian women working as matchmakers in Odessa Ukraine offer their expert advice for unique experiences in international dating.

When To Start and Stop Corresponding with Foreign Women

Understanding when to start and stop corresponding with foreign women will be a crucial component to ensuring a man's success in the process.

Thousands Of Foreign Women Are Overlooked By Our Men

The scope of international matchmaking creates an environment that often sees foreign women vastly outnumbering their male suitors.

Creating Community Through International Dating

The international dating community embraces men from all backgrounds, making it one of the most accepting communities available.

Larry Fitzgerald Highlights Marriage in Odessa Ukraine

Larry Fitzgerald recounts the past 10 months of living abroad in Odessa Ukraine with his newlywed wife Elena.

6 Ways To Prepare For Singles Travel Success

Becoming very popular in recent years, singles travel has become an option for several unattached travelers, interested in enjoying amazing destinations solo or with a group of other single people.

5 Advantages UK Men Have In Dating Ukrainian Women

Ukraine's proximity from the UK allows men to travel less than 4 hours away, and avail themselves to the enormous population of single Ukrainian women

Romantic First Date Ideas for International Singles Travel

Create the perfect first impression with one of these romantic first date ideas. International singles travel is all about first impressions.

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