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3 Lies Ukrainian Women Writing Foreign Men May Tell and Why

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Unable to understand the day to day life of Ukrainian women, men are often upset when they find a woman who they've corresponded with may have not been 100% honest about trivial aspects of their life.

Ukrainian women writing foreign men understand hard truths that surround many of the men who use these types of international matchmaking services.

In most cases only 3% of the men writing the women in Ukraine will actually board a plane and travel to meet in person.

This statistic alone makes many women hesitant about sharing personal data prior to meeting the men in person.

Ukrainian women often work 13 hour days, and many have children they raise once they return from their jobs each day.

The demands of daily life often result in zero to little time for daily corresponding, which leaves some men feeling neglected and forgotten.

There are 3 main areas that during correspondence that a Ukrainian woman may be less than honest about.

All 3 correspond to having a lack of free time, an insecurity about the actual seriousness of a man's intentions, and also a concern for personal safety regarding strangers having access to these 3 areas of their life.

Most men will be understanding as to why Ukrainian women sometimes hide these 3 elements and it will not be an issue going forward once they've met each other and begin a physical relationship.