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Sheng Nu : Chinese Leftover Women Seek International Matchmaking

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The Chinese have coined the term Sheng Nu, to describe the epidemic that has plagued Chinese women for decades.

Sheng Nu, or Chinese leftover women serves as a stinging insult to the women of China that have yet to find the love of their life and start a family.

Because many Chinese men will never marry a woman more successful than themselves, Chinese women are being passed over despite the great qualities they possess, often including very successful careers and beauty.

Chinese leftover women have set their sights on international matchmaking as a means to find the love they cannot have domestically.

Each year countless foreign men travel to China in search of love and companionship. Aware of the circumstances that Chinese leftover women endure, these foreign men avail themselves to the opportunity to find the love they're also lacking.

We have organized international matchmaking events in Shenzhen China for a number of years, and have helped countless couples find each other.

The gratitude that Chinese women express to us once they've found their foreign husband often outweighs that of women from any other of our tour destinations.

Often international matchmakers will find that the women of China are willing to pay hefty service fees in order to meet men with the intention of starting a serious relationship that leads to marriage.