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Ukrainian Women Dating Foreign Men at Kiev Social Event

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Bud Patterson previews recent tour footage from our Kiev social event, that saw hundreds of Ukrainian women dating foreign men they met through our agency.

Outnumbering their male counterparts in staggering numbers, women from Kiev often find themselves single well into their 30's and even 40's.

This means the most valuable Ukrainian men find themselves married into their early 20's, leaving many amazing Ukrainian women to search for other options regarding romance and building their own families.

Foreign men have been attending social events in Kiev for decades, where they're able to meet and date Ukraine women who are interested in the prospects of finding their true love.

Hundreds of women attend our socials in Kiev, all with the ultimate goal of meeting a great foreign man that they are able to spend their lives with.

Bud reviews the recent social footage from Kiev, while fielding questions from a growing live audience. Each Monday night we offer a free live webcast that allows our members and curious parties to ask our experts questions.

Ranging from relationship advice, international travel questions, and general inquiries about why foreign women come to us searching for love, Bud eagerly answers with nearly 2 decades experience as an international dating expert.